Amnesia causes symptoms and treatments

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Amnesia is a kind brain disease, which affects the remembering area of the memory. It is affected by severe head injury or through the intake of the toxic matter affecting the brain. This disease could impact all people those suffering from heart stroke or paralysis. People, who suffering from Amnesia, he/ she never knows past [...]

Acidity Home Remedies, Easy & Simple Tips for Acidity at Home & Office

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Acidity Home Remedies, Easy & Simple Tips for Acidity at Home & Office: Acidity is occurred by an imbalance of digestive acids produced by the stomach. Irregular eating habits, eating spicy foods, lack of exercise or drinking alcohol often can cause acidity. Here are some simple home remedies to cure acidity. […]

Types of all herbal teas and their health benefits

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Tea is perhaps the ancient beverage in history and people have been drinking this hot herbal beverage for the past 5000 years. The benefits of herbal tea for health needs no new emphasis. It protects our bones, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack and reduces the risk of various types of cancer. Herbal [...]

Simple & Easy Tips to Boost Your Immunity

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Physical fitness is basically a state of immunity. If your immune system is efficient, there will be very fewer chances to get across any disease. The immune system is the natural defensive mechanism of the body which provides help against all the attacking bacteria, fungi, virus, parasites etc. To boost immunity, eating healthy and getting [...]

Easy Tips to Get Fast Relief From Sinus Headache at Home

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Easy Tips to Get Fast Relief From Sinus Headache at Home: Sinus problems can lead to headaches, it is mainly due to pressure building up in your sinuses when the mucous membranes are inflamed and do not properly exude mucus. During a sinus headache, you can feel pressure and tenderness behind your forehead and around [...]

Easy & Simple Tips To Quit Smoking Quickly

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Easy & Simple Tips To Quit Smoking Quickly: Quitting smoking is very hard thing to do. You have to break the habit and you have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that you feel when your body starts to crave nicotine. If you will quit smoking, feel better in yourself, You will save money and [...]