Most Common Old Age Diseases, Reasons, Symptoms, Care

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List of the disease of old age, including, ailments, illnesses, disorders maladies, and diseases associated with old age. While many of the diseases related to old age have only been suggested through correlation, a few diseases are caused by old age and do not exist without this risk factor. Among other possible diseases, old age [...]

Main Causes of Food Insecurity Across the World

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Over the two decades of fast development of the Indian economic system, the urban economic system is generally considered having done very well. However, high urban economic growth need not by itself imply improved living standards for all urban residents. In particular, the recent and continuing phenomenon of increasing food prices reminds us that considerable [...]

Common Old Age Problems Diagnosis

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Aging is the natural phenomenon that happens slowly as people age and is not always noticeable. It doesn’t seem possible to make generalizations about the psycho-social and emotional changes that occur with aging. There are many factors that promote aging, such as family history, occupation, nutritional status, social-economic status and so forth more common health [...]

Heart Disease in Women – Heart Health Tips for Moms

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Heart Disease in Women – Heart Health Tips for Moms: Cardiovascular disease, which carries heart disease and stroke, is the highest killer of women worldwide. Heart disease and stroke kill 8.6 million women every year, which is 1/3 of all deaths entire world. It is often preventable. Here are 10 tips for women to keep [...]

Negative side effect of coffee

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Coffee Drinking & Bad Health Side Effects: Drinking coffee daily is a normal routine for adults and a growing number of children. The effects of this beverage are not always good for our health. Coffee carries several possible health risks for occasional drinkers alike. Excessive coffee consumption may be having very negative effects on our [...]

Common Side Effects of Early Pregnancy

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Common Side Effects of Early Pregnancy: Every pregnancy is completely different. Some women have really unpleasant side effects that they had to give whatever to change it for no symptoms. Here are compiled a listing of the common side effects of early pregnancy, which you may experience throughout an initial stage of pregnancy. […]