The pregnancy for an unmarried girl is a major health and social problem in many countries as well as India with unique medical and psychosocial consequences for the patient and society. Despite a  female literacy rate in India, observational studies recommend that many unmarried girls seek the abortion; a majority of them report in the second trimester and few go for unsafe abortions leading to complications like infected abortion, future infertility, and maternal death. As pregnancy among unmarried is a highly sensitive problem.

Unmarried girl Pregnancy- A Social Issue:  An unmarried pregnancies are connected with many social issues like lower educational levels, higher rates of poverty, and no strong parental guidance in the teenager’s life.

Premarital pregnancy is quite prevailing in adolescent all over the India.  Pregnancy before marriage is one of the most difficult experiences a young girl might ever face when it interrupts college or other plans. It can create an emotional crisis resulting in feelings of shame and panic, and it may appear that you will disintegrate under pressures in your environment. The pressure of how one would break the news to their parents might be even better, and getting help may seem an impossible task. one might be too embarrassed to find for help. However, the reality is obvious-unmarried girls are highly influenced by many social issues, but those with the lack of strong and right parental guidance, sex education, and positive mass media are more likely to have a premarital pregnancy.